Floral Wire Export. Directly Buy from China.

Greenden is your first supplier of floral wire, in the forms of paddle wire, coil wire and spool wire.

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Green Floral WireEnameled Florist WireBright Floral WirePaper Covered Floral WireFloral PinsPaddle Wire Painted Floral Stem WireSmall Coil Floral WireFloral Wire on Wooden StickCut WireWire TiesLoop Tie WireGalvanized WireHot Dipped Zinc Plated Wire

Tips on Floral Wire:

Floral wire, also known as florist wire, actually refers to wires for floral designing, lengthening flower stems, securing floral materials to wreaths and forms, strengthening bunched flowers and greenery, corsage making and for making of wreath hangers.

Forms of supply: This wire comes in three major types: Coil, paddle and spool wires.

Surface treatment of floral wire: Enameled iron, painted, bright iron, hot dipped zinc plated, copper, etc.

Tips on using: The higher the gauge size of the floral wire, the thinner the wire. The higher the gauge number, the more flexible and thinner the floral wire is.

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